Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey White Sox! How about a little urgency?

On July 20th, the White Sox took a 3 1/2 game lead in the A.L. Central. They had the arms, the bullpen and the lunatic manager to keep them steady.

They also could have used another bat, but that's nit picking.

They had a 5 game winning streak not long after that but it looked like they were going to be locking horns with the Twins all year for the Central (especially with the collapse of the Tigers.)

Well in less than a month, they have dropped 7 1/2 games in the standings as they sit 4 games back of the Twins, including an extra inning loss on a Jim Thome homer... the same Jim Thome who sunk the Twins in a 2008 one game playoff as a member of the White Sox.

Let's get going White Sox!
I made it clear that I am rooting for you and I would like to see more October games in the South Side.

But for general baseball fans, a tight pennant race is good for the game. Two teams going back and forth right until the last day makes the last weekend super cool and frankly it will be only time that baseball attention will turn to the AL Central this year.

Win today and it will be a 3 game deficit.
Lose? And you are looking at 5 games back and a chance for 6 back if the Twins complete the sweep.

And let's face it... the Twins will get WALLOPED by the Rangers, Rays or Yankees in the playoffs. So basically if the Twins run away with it, there will be no reason to pay attention to the AL Central until 2011.

So let's go White Sox.
Floyd vs. Liriano tonight. Put it on the boaaaaaaaaard. YES!

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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaat? You think Rangers are going to win the West? Since when?

    And the Twins can compete with any of them - especially if there umpires that know fair from foul.

  2. Walloped? The Twins have a great team. Take a look at our lineup- Delmon Young is batting 7th tonight with a .320 average and a crap load of runs batted in. We're not up 4 games by luck. Also keep in mind that we're doing all of this without Morneau.

  3. Yup...
    A rotation of Slowey, Liriano, Pavano, Duensing and Baker will do just fine in the regular season and get BOMBED in the playoffs.

    If the Twins make the post season it will be 3 and out