Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Even with the rout, I'm not buying the Red Sox yet

I love a nice blowout. A game where the Sox can pitch well, hit well and pad their stats. It is good for morale and good for me when I am raising my kids to not be staring at a computer screen to see how the Sox did.

A 10-1 final is nice. 8 innings, no earned runs for Buchholz is great. 2 homers for Hall is fantastic.

But forgive me if I am not on the "Sox are back in it" bandwagon.

If the Rangers didn't choke against the Yankees tonight, I'd be listening.
But the Sox are still 4 games out in the loss column behind the Rays... and Tampa just has so much talent that making up the 4 games might be a chore.

If the Sox get to within 2... I'll get excited.
Instead I am happy that they are winning and are on pace to win about 93 games.

But my guard is up.

Sweep tomorrow and take care of business.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Let me see...

    Lester, buchholz, Beckett, Lackey, Dice over Price, Garza, Shields, Hellickson, Sonnanstine (what? Rays finally have some pitching injuries).

    Paps over Soriano.

    Sox "O" over Rays "O" (how many guys can they have in their lineup hitting under .250?)

    Sox only 3.5 out of Wild Card, in spite of having their starting 9 from OD missed about 270 games to the DL. Come next week, they'll be healthy (sans Youk...and Lowell is not really a slouch).

    Rays finally having the injury bug hit them (Davis, Niemann) where it makes a difference.

    And the Yanks are a great team...but their pitching is spotty outside of CC and Mo' guarantee there, either.

    The Sox are back in it. Will they get the job done? Who knows. But don't just arbitrarily right them off.