Sunday, August 08, 2010

I hope Carl Pavano's agent has a pair

Carl Pavano pitched a terrific game today against his former team, the Indians. He went 7 strong innings letting up only 2 earned runs. Along the way he won his 14th game (tied for most in the AL), lowered his ERA to a respectable 3.28 and his 1.08 WHIP is third in the league.

He is also in the top 5 in innings pitched and complete games.

And did tonight sporting a porn stache and wearing the uniform of the old Negro League St. Paul Black Gophers.

Carl Pavano will probably get a few points in the Cy Young vote this year.

And guess what? He's a free agent after this year.

Now I am not sure who his agent is right now. (Evidently he's changed representation a few times over the last few years.) But I remember one of his agents called him a 1 or 2 starter good for 200 innings a year as he was wrapping up his Yankee tenure where he made nine starts total over the final three years of the contract.

Well whoever is making calls for him now, I hope he has the stones to call the Yankees for a new contract after Pavano became the poster child for ill conceived gluttony by Steibrenner.

How amazing would that call to Brian Cashman be?

"I got a guy... he's a Cy Young caliber guy. He's a World Series winner. He's one of the top winners in the league and a HORSE. He's a perfect fit for the Yankees."

"Who is it?"

"Carl Pavano... hello?... HELLO?... I think we got cut off."

Getting TWO obscene contracts from the Yankees would have to be the agent's legacy.

How would it be any less likely than the Yankees trading to get BACK Javier Vazquez?

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  1. Anonymous5:21 AM

    His agent is Tom O'Connell and he is the one who made the 1-2 Starter comment. He has represented Carl since his last year as a Yankee. And I HIGHLY doubt Carl would want to play in Yankee Stadium again. Why go back to that? They didn't appreciate him or even give him a chance when he was there.

  2. Come on! It will be fun!
    They brought back Javy Vazquez and that worked out well!